Turning is the mechanical process that allows us to produce cylindrical or conical parts by removing material from an existing item. Material is normally removed by fastening the item to a rotating head (spindle) and approaching a suitably shaped tool to the rotating item, until the two ends are put in contact.The tool removes the material in a controlled manner and gives the part the desired profile. We perform this type of process with computerised numerical control multiple-tool lathes.

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  • Copritelecamera antincendio Inox
  • Disco valvola
  • Eccentrico Inox
  • Innesto GPL
  • Inserto brocciato
  • Maniglie
  • Otturatore caldaia
  • Perno fresato
  • Raccordi idraulici
  • Raccordo alta pressione
  • Raccordo alta pressione
  • Raccordo portagomma caldaia
  • Raccordo valvola USA