We are pleased to present the new Cavagna Renato website, a new platform to show the web all our products and services. The approach chosen for the creation of this new website is the same that has always accompanied our philosophy: maximum  professionalism, desire for innovation and attention to detail. Our new online home is designed to be comprehensive and easy to browse, in order to offer users the best browsing experience, without straining their eyes and always with the right amount of information. Great attention was given to the media platform, with high-resolution images, photographic galleries and insight videos. A website that will accompany you in discovering our skills, processes and finishing steps that enable our company specialising in turning - small parts for third parties to provide products of the highest quality, used successfully in various fields of application: in fact we provide customised turning services for parts intended for several industries, such as taps and fittings, handles, automotive, air fittings, not to mention the medical and oil-hydraulics industry We are ready to meet any kind of request, please visit our website and contact us in the special section,should you require any further details.