Bushing in stainless steel AISI 304

In July, we received an iniquiry from a new costumer that produce ball valves in stainless steel. This costumer had some problems with the previous production of these articles, so he looked for a CNC Turnery working stainless steel and able to resolve these problems.Purchasing department required the production of special bushings in stainless steel AISI 304 with a roughness on the outside diameter Ra 0.2.The problems previously found was to keep the roughness in the limit tolerance without additional cost for a secondary processing.This order was very important for our Company, so our technical department researched immediately tools that could have the desired results.Our tools' suppliers advised us some types of inserts, so we proceeded to do some tests.During the first test we had negative results, but after the help of a skilled technician we had good results.After the success of the test, our sales department made an offer of 20.000 pieces and he agreed an inspection with the quality department of our costumer.During the audit we accorded with the client how we had to control and record the critical dimensions on control charts x-r.                                                             The audit had a positive feedback, so we received the order.In September we started the production, during it we modified the work cycle and the check-in of the roughness for various times.                                                  After some days we found the final solution based on the requests of our costumer.                                                                                                                       At the end of September we received a report from quality managers that confirmed the positive results of our production.The cooperation between our technical department and the specialized technician of our tools' suppliers allowed us to satisfy the expectations of a new costumer.For this reason we started a successful cooperation with this new client.